Intensity Projection on a Multichannel hyperstack

Hi all,

I am writing a script in jython and I do not know how to project a multichannel hyperstack
It is a multichannel hyper stack CTZ and I want to do a mean intensity projection on z only.
One way is to do a substack but it seems not to be fast. Do you know if there is another way ?
thank you by advance

The command recorder (Plugins>Macros>Record) will generate JavaScript which can easily be converted to Jython. The following code was recorded when I opened the Mitosis sample hyperstack and ran the Image>Stacks>Z Project command.

  img = IJ.openImage("");
  meanProj =,"avg all");;;


Hi Wayne,

thank you for your answer and sorry for this stupid question because I was looking for a projector in hyperstack function instead of looking for it in stack function.
And now that you show me the solution with the Zprojector I am feeling stupid
Thank you anyway.