Intensity measurements "median"


Module: MeasureObjectIntenisty

Presumable Bug: Even though Min, Max and Mean all give Zero the Median gives non-zero results.

I did not check this, but i could imagine that this could be connected to the fact that my intensity measurements are on a “masked” image and sometimes there are no foreground pixels within the objects.
so basically, it may be that the current implementation Median function cannot deal with 0 pixels…

may i have two connected question:

  • how are masked images stored internally ?
  • is it possible to convert a masked image into a “normal” image where all the background pixels are set to zero (such that it can be stored as a 8-bit tif) ?



i found another potentially strange behavior:

when using the median intensity value as measured in an masked image for thresholding it did not use the correct number…
(i.e. the value used for the thresholding was different from the one shown in the results window of the image intensity measurement)
when i use a mean intensity it behaves properly.

could it be that there is simply a little bug where the median values are internally stored into the list of measurements?


Hi Tischi,

Could you post a pipeline and image where this behavior occurs? I was hoping to replicate this issue myself, but I’ve been unable to do so so far…