Intensity for each individual cell and not only the mean values

Hello everyone,
When using the module “MeasureObjectIntensity” you get the mean, min, max intensity values etc. and I was wondering if there is any way of seeing the individual intensity values for each cell that Cell Profiler accounts for as well?

Hi LiPal,
Sure you can get individual intensity values per object…
At the end of your analysis, if you export to a database, you can extract from it (using CellProfiler Analyst for exemple) the table per object, in which you’ll get a line per object (cell) and the corresponding measurements…
If you export to a spreadsheet, you’ll get as well 1 file for each object individually, containing all the information you need…
Good luck,

Hi fabienk,
Thanks for the help. Do you also know if it is possible to see the intensity for each object corresponding to the image, i.e. so that we can tell which object each intensity value corresponds to?


To get this information, I see 2 ways:
Either you use the “DisplayDataOnImage” module of CP, which will allow you to directly display the object intensity you need on an image;
Or you use the “TrackObject” module of CP, which will give a number to each cell, which you can relate with the results table (in which you have a column “ObjectNumber”).
Of course if you have many images, you can save the intermediate pictures generated by these “DisplayDataOnImage” or “TrackObject” modules…
Good luck,