Intensity Adjustment Layer in Fiji/ImageJ?

Hi All,

I have put together some code to take exported images from our Leica FALCON FLIM system and process them to give the intensity in one channel and the lifetimes (decimal ns) in another channel.

All works well but the lifetime images look a bit funky. The Leica LAS X software lets you adjust both the lifetime colour scale and the intensity of the image, like playing with luminance layers in photoshop or similar.

Is there any way of being able to do this on the fly/in real time in Fiji? I could do it via processing in the code but it would be hard set and would need to be reprocessed each time you want to change the visualisation.

So i guess what i am asking for is there some way to have an intensity layer under the colour FLIM layer that can be adjusted and have its values applied directly?

Example image is atatched

FLIM Test.tif (8.0 MB)