Instructions for creating an Update Site

We have been getting a few Update Site requests lately and along with them, many questions regarding the steps to create one. So I just wanted to make sure we have all that information in a single place.

First off - currently - you can ask @ctrueden, @hinerm, @etadobson, or @turekg for help in creating a new Update Site.

The instructions found on the ImageJ wiki are still correct:

For a short, succinct version of the instructions, you can follow this old post by @ctrueden, summarized here:

  1. Choose Help › Update… from the menu
  2. Click “Manage Update Sites” button
  3. Click “Add update site” button ( not “Add my site”… I would like to remove that button because it’s confusing)
  4. For URL enter
  5. For Name enter NameOfYourUpdateSite
  6. For Host enter the upload information that depends on the protocol available for uploading:

  1. Leave Directory on Host blank

An example of what that might look like:

  1. Then click Close.
  2. Then click “Advanced mode” and in the View Options choose “View local-only files”. You should see your plugin JAR(s) and dependencies listed. Select them all with shift+click, then right-click and there should be a “Upload to NameOfYourUpdateSite” option available. Click that.
  3. Click “Apply changes (upload)” button.
  4. When the password prompt comes up, fill in your password (different from your wiki password)