Installing Thorlabs CS165MU/M

Whenever I try to made a new configuration file for the Thorlabs CS165MU/M USB camera, I get an alert saying “invalid property value: TransposeXY.” Not sure how to fix this, as I was told that this camera typically works on micromanager. It does work on Thorcams.

I recently encountered the same issue. To make it work, you have to copy some .dll files, which are provided with the Thorcam software, into the MicroManager folder. See this link for the detailed instructions: TSI - Micro-Manager. Also, you need to use the “TSI” device, not ThorlabsUSBCamera (TSI stands for “thorlabs scientific imaging.”)

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for your response. I just tried that but am now getting an error message saying “Cannot get value of property ‘TriggerPolarity’ [Error in device ‘TSICam’: (Error message unavailable) (16017)]”

This happened when I copied the files from both locations into the MicroManager installation folder.

Any advice would be super helpful.