Installing the Parameter Sampling menu

I have several installations of CellProfiler and only one of them is showing the menu option** Sample>Initialize Sampling** that allows you to setup a parameter sampling test for the current module.
I understand that this is a custom CellProfiler plugin described in

How can I display/enable this option for the other installations? Do we need to download/install the plugin separately?

Finally, can somebody document the use and requirements of this plugin in CellProfiler better? The paper is more theoretical than practical in it use.
When I do run the parameter sampling on a module, although I get the dialog the generated tsv file does not contain any results. Only the parameters are included. From reading the relevant publication, I understand that some image output should be generated but I have not been able to locate it! It also appear that a helper application (Paramorama) is required to review the results.

Thanks for any feedback that you can provide on this issue!

To enable the Sampling menu one needs to select the option from the preferences menu.

File->Preferences and check the option “Show the sampling menu (check box)” . Click OK.
Exit CellProfiler and restart.

The Sample menu will now appear on the application menu. It seems simple but somehow I missed it!

Further the previous post, the Sampling plugin is now included in the official CP release (not just the developer’s version as before). This plugin will generate a text file, which specifies: (1) all unique combinations of the sampled parameter values; (2) the mapping from each combination of parameter values to one or more output images; and (3) the actual output images.

The visualization referred to is a separate and standalone application that reads in the file and images generated by the plugin. I can also add that a new version of the tool, called Paramorama2, and a tutorial are available here:

The underlying approach is similar, but we have addressed many of the shortcomings of the original approach.