Installing OMERO.web on a different server than OMERO.server

we have a working OMERO instance with OMERO.server and OMERO.web on the same machine. I am now trying a new setup with OMERO.server 5.5.1 on one machine (omero-3) and OMERO.web + nginx on a second machine (omero-3-web), both using Ubuntu 16. omero-3 is working fine, OMERO.insight can connect/upload/… But omero-3-web does not seem to be connected to omero-3 as it should, it shows “502 bad gateway”. Do i have to tell OMERO.server that there is an OMERO.web somewhere else that wants to connect?
omero-3-web does need to know where OMERO.server is, i have found the property and set it to omero-3, but this alone does not seem to be enough. Should i set omero.web.server_list (and how) and/or some further property?
Best regards, Sascha controls which interface OMERO.web listens on, you can normally leave it at its default value unless OMERO.web and Nginx are on different machines.

omero.web.server_list is how you tell OMERO.web which OMERO.web to connect to, for example

omero config set omero.web.server_list '[["", 4064, "omero"]]'

That was quick and helpful. It works now!

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