Installing Omero tables


I was asked by our team to setup “Omero tables” on our Omero instance.We have this document:

The document doesn’t specify if Omero tables is already installed or how to setup this function. We currently have Omero Web 5.8.0 and Omero Server 5.6.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thx in advance!

Hi @ivancn,

It’s easy to miss but

Since 5.6, PyTables are installed when installing omero-py .

means that you should be good to go. You can check the output of

omero admin diagnostics

to see if the service is running.

All the best,

Hi @Ivancn

Thanks for your feedback
We will review the instructions. I have created an GitHub issue



Hello Josh,

Thx for the information. Omero admin diagnostics shows:

Server: Tables-0 inactive (disabled)

How can Omero tables be enabled and started?


Is there an error in var/log/Tables-0.log?


There is no log for Tables-0:

Log dir: /export/home/omero/server/OMERO.server/var/log exists
Log files: Tables-0.log n/a


I got it working:

As root:
. /opt/omero/server/venv3/bin/activate
pip install tables

As omero-server:
omero admin ice server enable Tables-0
omero admin ice server start Tables-0