Installing omero-oauth

Hi OME Team -

I’m trying to install omero-oauth, but I get a “ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘omero_oauth’” when I try to restart OMERO.web

So I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong during the installation. Other web apps are installed with pip after activating a python virtual environment, so this workflow is new to me.

I deployed OMERO.server (5.6.3) and OMERO.web (5.8.1) on CentOS7 using ansible and your roles in ansible-galaxy

As root, I cloned the omero-oauth repository to /opt/omero/oauth on my instance.

then, still as root, I activated a virtual environment in the web directory :

source /opt/omero/web/venv3/bin/activate

then installed the omero-oauth:

python /opt/omero/oauth/omero-oauth/ install

Lots of install text, no obvious errors.

then switched to the omero-web user, stopped OMERO.web, appended omero-oauth to the list of web apps

omero config append omero.web.apps ‘“omero_oauth”’

and when I get the configuration, omero.web.apps is:
omero.web.apps=[“omero_figure”, “omero_iviewer”, “omero_mapr”, “omero_parade”, “omero_oauth”]

and when I restart OMERO.web, I get the module not found error.

there is a folder “omero_oauth-0.0.2-py3.6.egg” in /opt/omero/web/venv3/lib64/python3.6/site-packages
but no “omero_oauth” in that location.

Thanks for your help to point me in the right direction

Hi @steveo

Assuming you haven’t made any local modifications to omero_oauth it’ll be incompatible with the current version of OMERO.web which requires Python 3 instead of Python 2.7, and Django 1.11 instead of Django 1.8.

The steps to upgrade omero-oauth shouldn’t be too difficult since it’s quite a small package, but so far no-one’s had time to do so. The main steps would be:

  • Convert any Python 2 syntax to Python 3, e.g. by running 2to3
  • Update which is the main breaking change in the Django upgrade

Hi @manics
Thanks for checking into this - Uhhhhh, although what you describe might be easy, it’s not really in my wheelhouse, so for now I’ll still be using LDAP to manage my users.


Hi @steveo, a few smart folks at Harvard Med School are setting up a current version OMERO instance with omero-oauth. Maybe worth checking in with: @jmuhlich and

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Yes! We brought omero_oauth up to date with the latest OMERO.web. @manics keep an eye out for our PR/MR – is GitLab the preferred place to submit that?

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Yes, please, @jmuhlich. Looking forward to it! ~J

Hello. We also want to install omero-oauth on the last version of OMERO. Is there some gitlab repo we could look at for this? Thanks a lot.

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@jmuhlich : anything that @gonzalomerino could test?