Installing OMERO.insight on windows: compatibility issue

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I’m running into a problem when installing the latest version of the OMERO.insight client (OMERO.insight-5.5.14.exe) on an old windows computer that runs an Axio scope microscope at our institution.

The error message and the computer’s system information are the following:

We succeeded to install an older version of the OMERO.insight client ( from Index of /omero/5.4.10/artifacts), but this time the client was not compatible with our OMERO server, which is up-to-date (version 5.6.3)

Could someone suggest me a version of the OMERO.insight client that would be compatible with both our computer and our OMERO server?

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I’m afraid that’s not possible. The recent 5.6.x server versions need a recent 5.5.x Insight. But these Insight versions won’t run on a 32bit operating system. Can you switch to a 64bit Windows on this computer? Apparently it has a 64bit CPU.
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Hi Dominik,

Thank you for the information and sorry for the late reply.
The microscope’s owners do not want to switch to a 64bit windows because they are not sure how the drivers for the microscope components will behave.
But they are thinking to emulate on a separate partition a 64 bit system to install the .insight client, before the day of replacing the computer comes!

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