Installing OMERO 5.6.1

Two questions:

  1. I’m in the final throws of installing OMERO and I’m a bit wary about the following output.
~$ omero db script -f $OMERODIR/db.sql --password $OMERO_ROOT_PASS
Using OMERO5.4 for version
Using 0 for patch
Using password from commandline

Why does it say OMERO5.4 when I’m installing 5.6.1?

  1. There used to be a very simple way to install OMERO from Anaconda. Any reason this approach appears to be deprecated? It’s quite painful installing the core OMERO dependencies.



Hi @paulkorir. Glad to see you on!

We’ve been moving all components to The database is the component which moves the slowest so it’s still on the oldest version number. Insight is on 5.5.x while the server and everything that had a major bump for the migration to Python 3 is now on 5.6.x.

Sorry for the confusion. It does allow us to release things faster though, so hopefully that offsets any suffering.

Hmm… a few questions:

Hope all is well.

Hi Josh,

My mistake. It was the dependencies that were on Anaconda not OMERO itself. Apologies.

I’m installing it on a CentOS 7 VM for which I don’t have superuser privilege. The installation instructions assume super user privileges so I’m having to jump over hoops (no yum, for instance).

Installing omero-py was easy. It’s Ice which isn’t straightforward.

Thanks though. I’ve made some progress - just waiting for some dependencies to be updated.


O, and +1 for semver!

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Understood. If you aren’t pulling in Ice from conda, then:

pip install

can be a life-saver.


Well, the zeroc-python is straightforward. It’s the Ice library itself which is a pain.

Definitely. Which is why we have the wheels for a few platforms at least. Makes builds in travis, etc. much, much easier.