Installing Java 3D for use with BoneJ1

Hi! I am beginning to use imageJ. Download BoneJ 1, but when you try to use the plugging you get a note that says “Java 3D libraries are not installed. Please install and run the ImageJ 3D Viewer, which will automatically install Java 3D libraries”.
Anyone know how to download Java 3D libraries? Thank you!

Did you follow the instruction to install and run the 3D Viewer?

Yes I did! Bit ir didn’t work. Te dame note appeared!!

Which ImageJ or Fiji did you install?
Which operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux)?
Which BoneJ, from where?

First I installed ImageJ 1 and boneJ 1. Then I try with imageJ 2 and bonej 2, but I had the same problem with the libraries. I have Windows 10.
The 3D Viewer I download from here

The imageJ from here

And BoneJ I think thatfrom here

Thank for your help.

I recommend following the instructions at

Make sure you install the latest Fiji for Windows 10, and select the BoneJ Experimental update site. I have just done a fresh Windows 10 installation and it works fine.

Note that other combinations (e.g. BoneJ1 on Fiji or ImageJ1) are a bit harder to install these days due to colliding versions and missing information. I keep a BoneJ1 ImageJ1 on Ubuntu 16.04 for legacy bug fixing.

@Maria_Eugenia_Avenda if you really need BoneJ1, please try the following, from the post above:

I have tested it this morning on a new Windows 10 workstation and it works fine. If Fiji gives you any instructions about running the updater or installing particular update sites, follow them.

binary means that there are only two pixel values in your image, usually 0 (background) and 255 (foreground). I suspect that your image is 8-bit greyscale. Binary images are the result of a segmentation process, such as thresholding, that separates the original image into two logical phases.

Thank you very much for your help. I solved all the problems I had and I am already using BoneJ. I wanted to ask you how could I learn to use all the tools of BoneJ.
Thank you!

The best place to start is the documentation.