Installing FIJI in windows 7

Hi… I am currently working with ImageJ. I need to install Biovoxxel toolbox as it has some interesting features such as cluster detection. I have tried all means to install toolbox but I cannot. I am having problem installing FIJI. Everytime I try it is giving me following error: D:\ The archive is either in unknown format or damaged.

It would be very helpful if someone can explain this.



The zip-file might be corrupted. Have you tried downloading it again from the Fiji site?


Thanks for replying… yes i have downloaded from this site only.

On my Windows system, the file opens fine and has a size of 245’173’711 bytes. Can you check if yours has the same size? It might have been corrupted during the download.

Yes… It is showing 39,008,000 bytes.

Hi again,

The small size of your zip-file is a definite sign it’s corrupted. Due to some connection error it was only partially downloaded.

Please delete this file, and try to download the package again from the Fiji site. If the problem persist, clear your browser cache, or try a different browser.


Hi… I have tried all (clear cache, new browser)…but download stops midway.

As a (temporary) solution you could try to download another, older version of Fiji

I have downloaded older version of it. While updating it, following error has come up:

Sounds like some substantial Internet connectivity issues, unfortunately.

Have you tried from a different network?

Thank You all… I have downloaded and started working.


Great, glad to hear it!