Installer Error

I’m trying to download the standalone windows 64 bit MIB (newest version) and I keep running into this Installer error: Error finding installer class. An exception occurred while looking for class.

I’ve tried the following with no luck:

  • Restarting and updating my computer
  • Downloading the installer again
  • Downloading a previous version of the installer
  • Running the installer as an administrator
  • Moving the installer to my C: drive and running it as an administrator
  • Downloading MATLAB Runtime separately
  • Moving the installer to the MATLAB Runtime bin folder and running it as an administrator

One time while running it as an administrator in the C: drive it gave me a “12007” error code, but when I tried it again it gave me the same installer error as before.

I have contacted our IT support and it seems to not be a problem with our firewall. I have successfully downloaded MIB on several other computers on our network without issue, but this one is having trouble. Do you have any ideas on what I can try from here?

interesting error…just double checked - the installer works fine. There are few suggestions on youtube to copy the installer to a C-drive. And it looks that you’ve already tried that…
But I agree with the idea, it seems that the installer can’t find certain class due to a non standard path, which may have, for example, some non-ascii characters.
Could you try to check installer from a flash drive? I think name of that flash drive should be quite standard and there will be problems to find the required class (if that class is in the installer). On the other hand, the installer may want to start another package which is already present on your computer but can’t find it due to a non-ascii character.
Here some suggestions about this:

As one nice comment says: “The problem for me is that my username had this “é” in it. I solved it by moving the Matlab temp folder to c:\Program Files and running the setup from there. Not the perfect solution, but it works”.

Hopefully this helps.

I have tried copying to my temp folder (and have checked a few times that none of my paths contain non-ASCII characters) but with no luck.

I have certain restrictions on this computer so that I would need an encrypted flash drive which I don’t currently have. I also haven’t been able to restart into safe mode. I’ll have to contact our IT support again for either of those options. I’ll let you know if I can find something that works.

Hi I am trying to install the stand alone version of linux, centos 7, but i can’t installed and obtained the following errors ( photos)
mi internet is working, firewall antivirus are working correctly.
i had tried this commands for installation ./MIB2_linux.install and also
yum install MIB2_Linux.install.

it seems that the software cant choose a path for the installation or i should be able to select the path for insallation.

am i missing some steps of the installation ?

Hi Juan,
I am not Linux expert, so I can’t really comment much on this. We have not tested installation on centos only on Ubuntu and Mint.
Have you checked these instructions:

As an alternative you can check this route:

Detailed instructions, tested on Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon.

  1. make sure the installer (MIB2_Linux_mcr.install) is executable, for example by typing “ll” in your command line in the folder where the file is located. If the installer file doesn’t have an asterix, you have to make it executable with the following command: “chmod +x MIB2_Linux_mcr.install”

  2. run the installer using the Linux command line: “./MIB2_Linux_mcr.install”

  3. on the first popup window click next and then choose the destination folder for the installation of MIB and the Matlab Runtime, for example on your desktop: /home/username/Desktop/MIB and /home/username/Desktop/MATLAB_Runtime, respectively. If you want to install to a folder that requires root privileges, you can run the installer with “sudo”. However, this might lead to complications when running MIB later. Now accept the license and then click “install”

  4. after the installation is complete, navigate to the MIB/application folder and make sure that the files MIB and are executables.

  5. You should now be able to run MIB using the following command: “/home/username/Desktop/MIB/application/ /home/username/Desktop/MATLAB_runtime/v93” (all in one line). The second part of the command lets Matlab know where the Runtime is located.

  6. If MIB won’t run, check the error messages in the Linux terminal for missing libraries and try to install them.

Best regards,