Installation problem iMac (macOS Catalina)

Good afternoon. I am new on using bonej. I am trying to install the plugin into my computer. The first step that I did was to install Fiji and when I tried to install the plug in bonej I got an error. The computer got frozen and at the end the plugin did get installed. Any advice? Thank you.

As a first step, please delete your Fiji installation and start again, and see if the error repeats.

Please check this post:

This is unlikely to be a problem with BoneJ itself, more of a failure of the Apple walled garden model.

Thank you. It is working now. Do you know where can I find tutorials of bonej? I am new using it and I needed for microCT analysis in bones. Thank you in advance.

Please start with the documentation.

To get best value out of BoneJ, you will need to read around the different techniques available for image processing, and think about how they will be useful (or not) for your partcular samples, images and research questions.