Installation of Color Pixel Counter Plugin

When I use the color pixel counter plugin I always have to compile the class file every time I want to analyze a picture.
How can I use the plugin without having to do this?

You have to add the compiled plugin *.class file to the plugins folder. Not the *.java source file!



Thank you. I will try to figure this one out. At the present time I don’t even know where to put the commands in.
I never worked with imageJ before.

I tried, but in vain.

The instructions for the developers to me are totally cryptic.

I have the plugin color_pixel_counter.class.

Isn’t there an explanation for dummies?

I use a MAC.

For ImageJ just go to the installation directory and then copy the*.class file in the plugins folder.

For FIJI on MacOSX open the folder structure by selecting the *.app in the Applications folder and then right-click on the app to execute the “Show Package Content” menu action.
Then move the *.class file to the now visible “plugins” folder. Restart ImageJ/FIJI and the plugin could be executed from the menu.

Thank you. I have been following this procedure, always with the same result:

I understand that the *.class plugin should be compiled first. But using this procedure doesn’t compile the plugin.

The *.class file is the compiled plugin!

Just move the *.class file to the plugins folder. No compilation required! Eventually remove the *.java (source) file from the plugins folder.

It seems that your are trying to compile the plugin with a wrong name, too. That’s why you are getting the error message.


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The error message says it: try to rename the .class file to Color_Pixel_Counter.class (with capital letters) and it should work.

The difficulties you ran into were one reason for the creation of Update Sites, to make it easier for users to install plugins. Unfortunately, the Color Pixel Counter plugin doesn’t make use of this update mechanism yet. You might want to contact the author (Ben Pichette) and ask them to create an update site.

Great. It worked! Thank you so much!