Install without administrator access?


Thank you for this project. New user here. I’ve read the FAQ and searched the forum but I haven’t found a solution for my problem. I’m trying to install this on my machine but I don’t have administrator access. Is there a way to install without the administrator access?


If it’s a windows machine, you will need to ask the admins to instal for you, like any other program.
I assume you have an institution computer that you log into the local network domain with your own user name. So they either need to make you an admin, or the admins (IT) will need to instal for ya.
TBH, I don’t think this is CP specific problem, but I might be wrong…

That’s correct; this is probably an issue more for the IT department since they are the ones who grant access privileges.

One small note: In Windows, you can follow the instructions here to run a program as administrator. However, this won’t work if you only have Standard User privileges.