Inserting logo image

In version 5.61, is there a way to define logo image other than a http link. We have 2 http access to our omero web site, one for intern connections and one for external connections. May be I wrong but in older version version we could define the logo image as a file in a folder ?

The main change from 5.5 to 5.6 is the switch to Python 3. I don’t think there are any breaking functional changes in OMERO.web. Can you share the part of your 5.5 configuration that no longer works?

You are right, however is it possible to define the logo image location as a image file path instead of a http link ?

It’s not possible directly, as Django handles static files differently from dynamic content.

In OMERO.web 5.6 we introduced a new property omero.web.nginx_server_extra_config that lets you add extra Nginx statements to the generated OMERO.web config.

You could use this to add a custom location for serving your static image: