Input on Zernike moments and/or Polar Sine Transform (PST)

I saw that in the KNIP package there is also an implementation of Zernike moments involved but did not see that in Knime itself. I am so far not really familiar with the deep theory of moments but would like to have a look at it preferably in IJ. @dietzc Would the latter be possible concerning reusablility of the code?
To achieve the usage on an image, I don’t really get how the implementation in KNIP retrieves the pixel data since the input seems to be only order and repetition.

Additionally, an implementation of the polar sine transform (PST) would also be interesting. I kind of achieved that but I am struggling with the usage of complex numbers since the formula contains the imaginary number i

I would be happy about any input on that or in general on the implementation of moments or the PST if somebody is familiar with that or has even an implementation at hand.

Thanks in advance

hi @biovoxxel.

Zernike moments are already part of the ops master and of KNIME itself (where we reuse the ops implementation). see:

Hope this helps,


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Thx for pointing to the ops