Input on quantifying lateral flow diagnostic test lines

Hello everyone,
I would appreciate any advice on using ImageJ/Fiji to quantify test lines from lateral flow diagnostic devices. A typical example would be the lines that develop in a pregnancy test. Typically, the lines I need to quantify are pink and we capture color images using an iPhone. I have image samples I can share if it would be helpful. I have tried using the histogram function in the past and converted the RGB values to LAB values. I am wondering if there’s a better way to carry out the quantification. I would appreciate any input. Thank you.

  • What is the image about? Provide some background and/or a description of the image. Try to avoid field-specific “jargon”.

Analysis goals

  • What information are you interested in getting from this image?


  • What stops you from proceeding?
  • What have you tried already?
  • Have you found any related forum topics? If so, cross-link them.
  • What software packages and/or plugins have you tried?