Inplace importer in Omero Script

Dear all,
I try to implement an inplace importer in Omero scripts. The basic principle is that the user can select a folder on the file server that is mounted on the omero server and then a Yaml/bulk import list is generated that is used by omero server for an inplace import using only soft linking in the managed repository. The basic concept is working in a standalone python client. The problem I face when trying to move to the omero scripts version is that I do not find a way to provide a gui for the user to enable them to brows a folder on the server (or even on the client, if they have the same shared fileserver mounted).
Is there a way to implement that using the omero script tools?
Thanks for the help,

Hi @alexra,

The simple answer at the moment is no (after asking around internally). The scripting service is simply not designed for that type of interactivity.

Ultimately, what it sounds like is that this is a full UI quite likely with the need for backend services (with the related security implications). We’re all for having your help to build it, and certainly we would like to see any future “web importer” come with these functions, but we don’t have a solution we can just give you at this point.

Note: others have similarly started their own import projects to match local needs:

If you see a way we can all work together toward the same end, let us know.