Individual Pixel Intensities


I was wondering how I could extract the individual pixel intensities within an image or an object. I know from the “Measure Image Intensity” module, that the sum of all pixel intensities can be obtained, and so I imagine that the individual pixel intensities are stored somewhere. Are they stored in the CSV or matlab files? I’m trying to create a histogram with pixel intensities in the X axis and frequency in the y-axis. I do not believe that any of the current modules provide that information and the histograms do not plot the information in this way. Any suggestion would help, and thank you for your time.


Hi Francisco,

If you simply want to inspect the image intensity histogram, did you know that you can right-click (or Command-click on Mac) any displayed image in CP and then choose “Show Image Histogram”? If you were thinking of some thing beyond inspection, what exactly do you want to do with this information?

In effect, the images themselves are a list of pixel intensities, and the image histogram just orders and bins them. We don’t save the entire list of intensities because they would take a lot of space – exactly the same size as each image! Many (most?) thresholding algorithms use the intensity histogram in some fashion, but then just label pixels as above or below this threshold, and so the label matrices (object masks) are much smaller to store.

Let us know more detail on what you intend and we can answer better if needed.