IndexError in CPA


I have a problem with CPA (2.0 r10533) on Win XP when I use “ScoreAll”.

I let CPA build a SQLite database based on CSV files and a SQL_SETUP.SQL file produced by CP. I get no errors when the database is build. I use colorimages and this gave errors too but after I put the string “channels_per_image = 3” in the properties file this works alright.

The classifier works alright when I score images for several classes.

The problem occurs when I use “Score All” (Grouping method: Image and Filter: none and report enrichments: checked)
I get this message:

An error occurred in the program:
IndexError: list index out of range

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “classifier.pyc”, line 1021, in ScoreAll
File “multiclasssql.pyc”, line 239, in PerImageCounts
File “multiclasssql.pyc”, line 203, in do_by_steps
File “multiclasssql.pyc”, line 193, in where_clauses[/quote]

The "console"gives this information:

[quote][MainThread] SELECT name FROM sqlite_master WHERE type=‘table’ and name=‘Score’
[MainThread] SELECT name FROM sqlite_temp_master WHERE type=‘table’ and name='Score’
Skipping table checking step for sqlite
[MainThread] SELECT ImageNumber FROM Per_Image GROUP BY ImageNumber
[MainThread] SELECT Per_Object.ImageNumber, COUNT(Per_Object.ObjectNumber) FROM Per_Object GROUP BY Per_Object.ImageNumber
[MainThread] SELECT Per_Image.ImageNumber FROM Per_Image[/quote]

I tried the same with 8-bit images and a SQLite database build bij CP but with the same result.

**Any idea when the list index can be out of range and what it means? **

Thanks in advance for a reply!


Hm, maybe start by posting your properties file?

CPA is trying to access something that it can’t find, that’s why it says the list index is out of range. It may be that you’re not pointing it to the right place in your properties file, or something is missing from your database (but i"m assuming that looks OK to you by eye?)


Kate you’re right.
The database contained “NULL” values. So I adapted CP to create a right database.
Now I’m able to do a “Score All” but only if I uncheck “Report enrichments?”. If I use this, CPA seems to hang.

After a while I get a message:

[quote]An error occurred in the program:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “imagetile.pyc”, line 141, in OnLeftDown
File “sortbin.pyc”, line 230, in DeselectAll[/quote]

The Traceback can be different in different runs

Until now I didn’t find a solution for this.