Increase zero-padding of labeled videos

I am trying to label videos with 100,000+ plus frames, and the default zero-padding in seems to be 4 orders of magnitude. I found three instances of ‘%04d’… in the code and changed them to ‘%06d’… but the issue persisted.

How can I increase the zero-padding so that ffmpeg can correctly sort my frames when making a video?



I changed the code in the repo - - The update will also be released in the next version. For now, you can built it from the source by cloning it and e.g. running ./

Now the (slow) labeled video creation code supports videos with <10^10 frames. Let me know if it runs smoothly. The fast version without saving the frames, should work independently of how many frames the original video has.


Works for me, auto-detected the correct number of zeros to pad!


This update is in the latest version: