Increase the count of logfiles


how can I increase the number of logfiles that will be hold before delete ?

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The And

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Hi @And,

which software or tool are you referring to?


oh sorry (I’m currently in sphere)

OMERO 5.5.1

The key is to adjust the server’s etc/logback.xml and etc/logback-indexing.xml files: find the rollingPolicy section in each and see for how to use it. You may wish to increase the maxIndex or even try setting a different rolling policy altogether. Also note on that page the option to compress on rollover which may be of interest if you wish to retain many logfiles. A running OMERO server will take a minute or so to automatically pick up changes to these configuration files.

oh thanks!
… I’ve increased the value from 9 to 19

We’ll see what will happen.
I’ll report


it seems to work!
Thanks for your help.

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