Increase skeleton by length



I need help to connect near branches skeleton. I want to increase length of segment by 1,3x.

My macro do a segmentation, binarize, skeletization, prune by length to remove unwanted branchs and now i want to connect some branch without doing to much dilation because it change te skeleton to much. So i need someting like dilation in length only without the dilation in width…
Someone have an idea?


Example images would be very welcome. Not sure if you want to reconstruct 1.3th of the shortened skeleton or the entire binary image’s length. What criteria do you have in mind?

The ability to ‘reconstruct’ pruned branches, especially if they are relatively long, depends heavily on the curvedness of your skeletons. If you want to interconnect two branches, consider finding endpoints of your skeletons, then do a region growing of the endpoints until two branches meet, then combine with the original skeleton and reskeletonize?