Include Zenodo DOI badge in the wiki to make plugins citable


I really would like to include the DOI badge from Zenodo ( ) in the wiki to make my plugins citable. Zenodo is a really nice service with great github integration to get citable code:

At the moment, I’ve downloaded the current DOI badge, uploaded it to the wiki and set the correct link:

But this means, that I’ve to update the image on every release. However, Zenodo provides serveral ways to include the most recent badge automatically:

Maybe it is possible to allow some html tags to include the badge? Or install the markdown plugin for mediawiki?


I agree that it would be annoying to have to manually update the image each time.

Mediawiki has a nice summary of pros/cons of allowing external images. I assume many of these reasons also apply to the limited HTML support.

I would personally love a markdown extension - but the current markdown syntax extension is tagged unsupported and has a warning about its source code being stored on a wiki page. Maybe that’s OK and we should go ahead and try it…? Feelings, @ctrueden?

As a general solution that you can do right now, I suggest using an image that is not tied to a particular DOI, and pointing to the the “latest” link:

After a brief search I couldn’t find any general “zenodo” images I liked. So, maybe an octocat? :smile:

P.S. There’s now a section on the wiki for this…

So, my current “Adopt a Plugin ™” efforts include auto-generating the sidebar for each library and plugin of ImageJ2 core and Fiji. As part of this, we could make it reference the correct external image link.

Regarding the security issues: ideal would be to allow external images only from whitelisted domains. We can research how to do this later. @aneevel, could you please add this to LOCI’s sysadmin to-do list?

This would also make it possible to externally reference Zenodo badges for non-core plugins, though they would need to be manually updated with each release (already generally true).

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