Inability to see images since Dec 30



Is anyone else having problems viewing some of the images? For example, I can’t see @quokka79 or @Paul_Guichard’s logos.

I’ve tried using chrome and firefox on linux and mac, but they don’t appear. I also did a hard refresh and cleared my cache to see if that had any effect, no luck. :crying_cat_face:

Anyone have any suggested fixes?


CONTEST: New ImageJ logo!
CONTEST: New ImageJ logo!
Disappearing Sample Images

Strange, I can reproduce the issue with the images posted by @Paul_Guichard (in Firefox and Chrome on Windows), but I have no issues seeing the ones by @quokka79

What’s more, my phone (Android, via Discourse app) displays all of them just right :confused:

Both access the same URL:

The working images do appear to be png, while the broken ones are jpg. I noticed that the pattern for uploaded images recently changed from absolute URL to relative upload://xyz.jpg URL, but didn’t find any issue report about this on Maybe it’s also a server configuration issue??


I cannot see them either.


Any thoughts on this one @ctrueden ??


Hmmm, for me all images in posts since (and including) @FelixM 's post from Jan 3 are broken except for the two posts by @imagejan. However, strangely, if I open the thread in an incognito window, I can’t see any images in posts since December 30!

I’ll edit my post above with an option to view on imgur, in case there is a server gremlin.


Similar problem here. I can’t see any image posted after the ones from frauzufall on dec30, except those from quokka79 on Jan 2. I tried Firefox, IE, Chrome.


I can’t see any of the images on replies written after the post had been pinned globally on December 30th - maybe that’s related…?


To whom it may concern!

Since about a week posted sample images are disappearing from the Forum threads on at least a daily basis. This is quite annoying because it becomes near to impossible to follow most threads without the posted images.

May somebody who is in the know please check what is going on?




Yes, there seem to be some server issues since Dec 31.

Others have also reported that they don’t see some images:

In addition, the forum system hasn’t been able to send email notifications since two weeks.

I hope the issues can be fixed next week when persons with access to the server can have a look. At the latest with the transition to a new joined scientific image forum announced for January 16, the issues can hopefully be addressed for good.


Thanks Jan,

but I can’t believe that the reason are server issues.

The images disappear in a rather regular fashion and I can’t imagine which server issues may be responsible for such behaviour.

Who is hosting the forum?

As you write, we can only hope at the moment that the situation will ameliorate soon.




There was some kind of server issue which—as people observed—began circa Dec 30. Based on my research, I believe it was related to stuck backup(s) (1). It is not completely clear whether the backup being stuck caused the issue in question, or whether there is merely a correlation due to common cause. In any case, the Sidekiq service responsible for running background jobs got clogged up with a huge number (>200,000) of pending jobs (2), the vast majority of which were sending out digest mails. But Sidekiq also runs a job called Jobs::CreateBackup for creating backups, and another called Jobs::PullHotlinkedImages that presumably handles these image links. With no Sidekiq threads available to pull down the images, the support for images suffered. This same phenomenon is also very likely the cause of the recent email delivery issues with account creation confirmations etc.

I canceled the stuck backup, and cleared the Sidekiq queue (3); it seems like the Sidekiq jobs are running OK now. A new backup also ran a little while ago and completed successfully. Unfortunately, the missing images did not return. I then used a command to recover somehow-deleted images (4), hoping that would address the issue, but still no dice.

Continuing to dig and try things…

Image Segmentation for cell counting

More digging with @awalter17 this morning, which ultimately led to the following post on the Discourse forum:

Not fully solved yet, but it is pretty clear what is going on. We just need some feedback on the best path forward to restore the currently missing images.


Is it just me or some other people cannot see all of them?
I can only see the first icon :confused:


I can see less each time I come back to this thread, starting from the bottom half of @christlet post Dec. 29.
Cannot see @Paul_Guichard or @quokka79, recently I cannot even see my own anymore, but that’s no biggy nobody liked them anyway :frowning_face:

How about creating a repo?


The images have now been restored! Please speak up if you notice any still-missing images. (Although: note that the forum will be down soon for several hours; see this post for details.)