Imread_collection() Load Patterns

Hey All!

I am having an issue (likely my own mistake) using imread_collection() to load a set of 480 .tif images from a folder.

I have an external drive with 480 images in it such that the path name for each image is:
'D:\img_channel000_position000_time000000000_z000.tif', 'D:\img_channel000_position000_time000000001_z000.tif', 'D:\img_channel000_position000_time000000002_z000.tif'
and so on. The 480 images are the only objects on the external drive. I know this is the path name as I have successfully used

import skimage
from skimage import io

image ='D:\img_channel000_position000_time000000000_z000.tif')

to import an image and perform a first-pass at the analysis I was looking to accomplish. I, perhaps naively, then attempted to use the following code to import the entirety of the collection

import skimage
from skimage import io

ic ='D:\*.tif')

However, the variable ic is never even created. The code runs successfully without error, but nothing occurs. Is this a problem with how I have implemented the load pattern? I have also tried the more complete D:\img_channel000_position000_*_z000.tif, but nothing occurred. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!