Improved UI for handling many sources in BigDataViewer

I cleaned up work that should make it easier to handle lots of source in the UI (no more massive dialogs full of checkboxes… @Christian_Tischer @NicoKiaru)

This PR has all the details:

It would be very helpful if you try it out and report issues. It needs to be tested on Linux and Windows.

@StephanPreibisch @bogovicj @tinevez: This depends on a complete overhaul of the ViewerState:

This will make a lot of things easier, but I need to support the old ViewerState until we update BigStitcher, BigWarp, MaMuT, Mastodon, … to the new API. It would be nice if the deprecated API could be removed in the not-so-distant future.


I can work on MaMuT and Mastodon to adapt to the new changes.

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Shall we create an issue on the BDV-core repo to track what known dependencies have been adapted?

Yes, that sounds good!

Awesome, thank you!

I’ll add a few more commits that @Deprecate more things, so after that it should be easy to spot what needs to be changed. I’ll ping you when it’s done.

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