Importing XYT coordinates as multi-point

Hi Everyone,

I have tracking data generated by the plug-in Manual Tracking that I would like to be able to re-load the xyt coordinates for as a multi-point selection or ROI in order to double check their accuracy (undergrads!). Using the “Import Multi-point set” macro (, I can import all of the xy coordinates from a csv file onto one slice, but I can’t figure out how to modify this macro to incorporate time/slice data, in order to put the multi-points on the correct frame, which would allow me to scroll through and see what’s what quickly.

I’ve also tried loading previous tracking data back into Manual Tracking, and then displaying as an overlay, but its only displaying one of the tracks instead of all.

Any advice on how to make Manual Tracking cooperate, or if anyone has an idea on how to either ‘Makeselection’ to include slice/time number, or otherwise import xyt into the ROI manager, I’d greatly appreciate it!