Importing objects by script

Hi @petebankhead @melvingelbard,

I am looking at some of the code for the new import objects menu option and was wondering if there is, or is going to be, an easy equivalent scripting command? I may have missed it in the code.

I am planning to have a demo project that will need a lot of various “configurations of objects” for demonstrating scripts, and it would be great if there were an easy way to “set the stage” for the user per script. Having one line at the top of the script would be significantly “cleaner” looking than methods I might currently use, so I was wondering if that is an option? It also might be useful moving groups of objects around between images or testing scripts on a few different test sets of objects.

I can definitely still use other methods for saving and recovering objects, but wanted to see if I had missed something or it might be useful enough to add.


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Nevermind, found it as soon as I finished posting. Gah.
For anyone else, due to typical perfect design, it shows up in the Workflow tab where it is incredibly easy to use :stuck_out_tongue:

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