Importing diSPIM data with CellImg loader


I have a diSPIM dataset that I want to define but each tile is bigger then ArrayImg can handle so I get the following error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Number of elements in ArrayImg too big, use for example CellImg instead: 11869880320 > 2147483647
at net.imglib2.img.array.ArrayImgFactory.numEntitiesRangeCheck(
at net.imglib2.img.array.ArrayImgFactory.create(
at net.imglib2.img.array.ArrayImgFactory.create(
at net.imglib2.img.array.ArrayImgs.unsignedShorts(
at net.preibisch.mvrecon.fiji.spimdata.imgloaders.LegacyMicroManagerImgLoader.getImage(
at bdv.export.n5.WriteSequenceToN5.writeScalePyramid(
at bdv.export.n5.WriteSequenceToN5.writeN5File(
at net.preibisch.mvrecon.fiji.plugin.resave.Resave_N5.resaveN5(
at net.preibisch.mvrecon.fiji.spimdata.explorer.popup.ResavePopup$MyActionListener$

Is there a way to have the dispim loader with CellImg reader?
I tried chaning the xml file imglib2container tag to CellImgFactory but it was ignored when I right clicked:
WARNING: Only ArrayImg supported for MicroManager ImgLoader, using ArrayImg.

Any ideas?