Importing DeepLabCut: Procedure entry point could not be located

Hello, I am attempting to install DeepLabCut on a windows computer but have been having some issues along the way.

I currently have everything installed that the documents have said to install (i.e anaconda, deeplabcut, the specific environment and TensorFlow [no gpu]). I seem to get an error when I try to import deeplabcut within python (see attached). It seems to be unable to locate a specific file within a given library. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


the documentation says " you must use pythonw vs. ipython". use ipython.

I have used ipython as well and have gotten the same error

(the file that it claims it can not extract the library from, is within the path it is showing)

can you import tensorflow?

Yes, no error with that.

strange; can you start a TF session?

Which version of TF do I have installed?


can I start a TF session?

sess = tf.Session(config=tf.ConfigProto(log_device_placement=True))

seems an error with your python install in relation to tensorflow though…

Here is what I can find:

^ just to clarify, no you can use python as well, but if you use MacOS you need to use pythonw

tf version is 1.10.0.

I can not start a session. I get this error:

okay so tensorflow is not installed properly. Did you use this file to create an environment? If, not, please try this:

and, if you did it is somehow broken. so remove the env, and try again.

conda remove --name myenv --all

here are some conda tips:

Yea I have been using that environment. I just uninstalled tensor flow, removed the env, remade the env and then reinstalled tensor flow. But that did not fix the issue either.

but don’t update, make a new env: conda env create -f dlc-windowsCPU.yaml

otherwise, I have no idea, it is a tensorflow issue, so I would look on StackExchange, their GitHub etc for solutions.

I was able to get it to work. Thank you for the help.
Turns out I had to move all the .so files out of their corresponding locations and just put them somewhere else (the desktop for instance). Not sure why this worked but i was able to import deeplabcut

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