Importation of Video File into Fiji Software Program

We are having trouble importing the video file into the image software and the message “File is not in a supported format, a reader plugin is not available, or was not found”.

We have tried various formats for importation, is there something we can do to fix this?

Thank you for your help!

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Have you tried using the FFMPEG update site? It adds the command File :arrow_forward: Import :arrow_forward: Movie (FFMPEG)… which can read many movie formats.


Thanks for the advice but I can’t seem to figure out how to get the FFMPEG onto Fiji. I downloaded the software that the link provided and then went to plug in to Fiji and it said it was installed but I could not find it when I went to File and then Import. There was no movie option under import. Further explanation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


You shouldn’t have to download anything. Just run Help :arrow_forward: Update… and click “Manage update sites” and find “FFMPEG” in the list and tick the box. Then click OK, and it will want to install some things. See Following an update site for further details.


Hello, I am having a similar issue with my .avi file. Bioformat would not work, so I tried FF,peg in Fiji. However this also does not work. The following error comes up…
[avi @ 00000000004E37E0] unknown stream type 544F7473

Any advice?

See here:

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