Import Z Stack to CellProfiler


I want to import a Z-Stack series with 4 different channels (grayscale) saved in one .tif into CellProfiler.
I followed this tutorial but didn’t manage to set it up.
I can import the image and also the extraction of the metadata works (image 1). If I continue in the “Names and Types” Module, it can not find the image neither with identifying “All images” (Image 3) nor when I set up rules (image 2).

I would be really glad, if anybody has an idea. Thanks in advance!

Hi @DennisF,

It sounds like that should be working, particularly without matching rules. Do you see any error popping up in the console window?

I’d also try removing the “Image is stackframe” rule, since that seems unnecessary.


sorry, I was busy over the weekend. I changed my pipeline and approach my biological problem from a different angel.

No, it didn’t show any further problems. But thank you very much for taking your time.