Import problems




we’re experiencing some strange behaviour when we’re trying to import a series of *.tif files.
We recorded a series of tiffs with ScanImage. Each tiff contains 4 16 bit greyscale channels. When we open each file seperately ImageJ shows us the BioFormats loader and opens the file. However, if we try to load many images as sequence, ImageJ tells us we were trying to open files with an unsupported format and we should open files like tiffs, jpeg, png, etc.

For small series, we can use a workaround, where we just drag and drop open the files, however, since we’re usually dealing with hundrets of files this is a bit cumbersome.



You can use Bio-Formats to import a sequence of non-standard TIFFs or other formats.

Use File > Import > Bio-Formats (or drag and drop one of your images to IJ)

Then, in the Bio-Formats Options window, check the box for Group files with similar names as shown below.

Click OK, and then you’ll see an option to set a filename pattern to define which images are opened.

Hope this helps.


this actually helps a lot!