Import functions with Jython


I struggle with a very basic function of Jython.
How do you know what to import before using a specific function using Jython ?

For exemple :
I want to use “if (selectionType() != 0)” , but I don’t know what to import in order to be able to use selectionType() function.
In a more general way : How do you know what to import in order to use specific imageJ / macro language functions in Jython ?

2nd question : I want to make the user select his saving folder / select his saving folder and giving a name to his file. I did not manage to find an easy solution, as I had using macro language.

Thank you !

Hello Syra,
I think your frustration is common when transitioning from the macro language to Jython.
Here are a few links to help you.

First the ImageJ API documentation.
It contains all the functions and classes that you can call from the scripting languages.

Then the Jython scripting wiki page should help you to figure out how to use it practically.

To select a directory you can use either the script parameters or the classes GenericDialog or DialogChooser from the ImageJ API.

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Hi Syra,
@LThomas provided a nice starting point. However, please check out @albertcardona’s Jython tutorials as well and another here

As far as knowing what you need to import, you have access to ImageJ’s Java classes and methods directly from Jython. This doesn’t mean much if you aren’t a Java programmer, but I wrote this rough explanation last year when I finally figured out how search for and work with the underlying Java classes from python. Hope this helps.

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Hi @Syra,

The macro language is rather ad-hoc and user-oriented in a way that no scripting language can ever aspire to be.

What you want to do, in jython, would take making explicit a lot of operations that the macro language keeps hidden away, implicit.

For example, see in @LThomas 's tutorial how to request the user to choose a file name for saving in a specific directory. He shows two ways: one rather magical and macro-like, using script parameters (I advice against using these, for they will prevent you from learning the underlying logic), and the explicit way using a DirectoryChooser and OpenDialog classes, as documented here:

For basics of how to do the above, see this part of my fiji scripting tutorial in jython:

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Thank you all !

@LThomas : Thank you, I did use DirectoryChooser. It is a nice tool even if I did not find how to add a message as for exemple “Please, select an input folder.”. But I am searching & I’m sure I will find.

@Nick_George : Yes, A.Cardona provide us a very nice tutorial, and I used it even in this script. Thank you for your link concerning java&jython relationship.

@albertcardona : Thanks a lot ! Your explanations are very useful as always. I also used “for filename in os.listdir(inputfolder):” that enable iteration over multiple pictures in a folder for future people. I learnt the os.listdir() function on your website, and am very grateful for this help.