Import external tensorflow models

Hi, Just found this software. Looks interesting!

I was wondering if it possible to use any external models in the software? I know that TensorFlow is used to train and deploy models, and thus it felt natural that if you had a tensorflow model stored as a .h5-file or .pb, it should be possible to deploy it in the software quite easily. Is it possible? Perhaps is there a script to convert it to the format of interest? And how would it possible to integrate some specific necessary pre-processing with the model?

Thanks, in advance!

Hi André,

There is an example of how to do this using the Groovy scripting option. See here:

We’ll be thinking about how to make that type of integration a little bit more user friendly over the next months.



We’d be really interested to hear your feedback, e.g. whether or not you managed to get the example to run, managed to adapt it to your use case, what your use case is, etc.