Import data to omero - Permission denied


I have been facing issues with inplace import and the file that is stored on smb share

2019-09-11 15:20:53,786 5910       [2-thread-1] ERROR        ome.formats.importer.ImportLibrary - Error on import: cannot flush /data/idr-repo/omero-server/ManagedRepository/root_0/Blitz-0-Ice.ThreadPool.Server-1/2019-09/11/15-20-52.495/myfile.ome.tif: Permission denied
omero.ResourceError: null

file is on cifs mounted via

mount.cifs //file01-s0/images /data -o rw,uid=1001,gid=1001,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,credentials=/root/.cifs

import command:

/opt/omero/OMERO.server/bin/omero import --transfer=ln_s  --skip checksum /data/datasets/myfile.ome.tif

Could anyone advice how to workaround that?

thanks in advance


PS: I am aware about but I read is possible to workaround that

Hi @olatarkowska,

@ilamarengo had similar issues with SMB and then moved to NFS which then led to the problems in Managing data with in-place import in remote server . I don’t know if there’s an underlying connection. In her case, trying without --transfer=ln_s succeeded. Is that the same for you?

Beyond that, we don’t have experience running OMERO on Samba in production. Perhaps someone else on the forums does?


@joshmoore would you be able to point where exactly OMERO is missing POSIX ACL support? After turning off all the security and making vanial unix export, no synthetic ACL’s to translate all works fine. Our IT team was asking if that could be easly fixed?

@olatarkowska: OMERO is currently relying solely on the JVM’s standard canRead/canWrite semantics. Nothing is done internally to the JVM, so a process would need to be started with sufficient privileges for the filesystem that’s configured under

New code will be necessary if something like is required.