Import and display custom measurements onto objects/images


I segmented a tissue image and generated some measurements using cellprofiler. I then generated custom data for each segmented cells based on those measurements using third party algorithms. I was wondering if I could import the custom processed data (the data structure is consistent with the output spreadsheet from cellprofiler) back to cellprofiler and use DisplayDataOnImage module to display them (either text or color) back on the original segmented image?

Thank you!


I am not sure if there is a direct module to use but you can try any of the following two ways,

  1. You can use “LoadData” module instead of usual input modules. You can load your data that is extracted from other sources and based on that you can load your images and carry on with your pipeline. Or use another “LoadData” module to get your images and proceed with your pipeline and try to Display the data.
  2. The other option is having two different pipelines. The one would what you might have now and other is just to load the data and images to Display the data.

It would also be helpful if could share sample pipeline with your sample images/data.

Fujfilm Wako Automation (Consultant)

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