Implementing Preview Option in Plugin




I am trying to develop a plugin in Java and I’m not sure on how to structure the script to actually implement a preview option in the plugin.

Essentially, I have some ROIs that I want to make measurements on in two different images, and I will delete ROIs based on this measurement, using a user-determined cutoff. I would like to add a preview function to show the to-be-deleted ROIs in either one or both images determined, prior to deletion, allowing the user to change this cut-off.

Just wondering if there’s any useful resources for writing plugins which feature a Preview Option, or if there’s any simple scripts I can use as sort of a template or example.



Hi Nick,

There are some great tutorials for developing plugins on GitHub that I think would provide a good starting point for you. You can use them as a skeleton to get going. Here is one for a plugin with preview, which I believe is what you need.

Hope this helps!