Implementing functions from plugins in macro

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I would like to implement a command from a installed plugin (here: the Cell Counter plugin), like e.g. the initialize function from that plugin in a macro I wrote. The macro itself does applies some general IJ command (B&C enhancement, etc), but I would like to extend it to do the first steps of the above mentioned plugin, so that I do not need to do it for every single image again and again manually…

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you should be able to do that have you tried the Macro recorder and then batch processing? Plugins>Macros>Record and then once you have it save the macro and Process>batch>Macro

Hey Susan,

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I tried that of course, but the recorder does not record commands from that plugin. I’m too unfamiliar with the different programming languages to tell why this is the case, but plugin and macro language are different from what I know, so I guess this makes it impossible to extract commands this way

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The Cell Counter plugin does not use the standard ImageJ dialogs but creates its own user interface, thereby making it incompatible with the macro recorder.

As this plugin isn’t actively being developed any more, I fear that this situation will not change.

However. ImageJ’s own multi-point selection tool has some of the same functionality. If you describe what you want to achieve, someone here on the forum might be able to help you.

I would like to do the same thing in a macro I am currently working on. Since this is an old post, I wanted to know if you had any progress? If so could you share what worked for you? I am only a beginner and any information would by helpful.