Implementation of ADC acquisition cards in µManager/Icy?

Dear Forum,

this is my first post here and I hope my topic belongs here. Also, I couldn’t find it here nor a solution on the web.

My Question: Is there a support for ADC cards in micro-Manager?
More Explanation: I’m using an Alazartech ATS9373 card for acquisition of my Two-Photon signals. This card generates a data stream of 12-bit values at 4 GigaSamples/s. Currently, I either use the vendor’s software to acquire to RAM/hard disk or a home-built LabView acquisition software and then process my data in Labview and subsequently visualize in ImageJ and ICY (great software!). I read that ICY has a micro-manager interface and in principle it should thus be possible to directly acquire within ICY and stream the data to GPU and visualize live within ICY. Does anyone know of an ADC interface for micro-manager?