Imperfect Overlap with the 3D Stitching Plugin



I’ve run into an issue with the 3D stitching plugin where I cannot get my images to overlap at the stitch boundaries. When I use the plugin, it appears that it tiles each of my images next to one another thereby producing duplicate regions at the stitch boundaries. When using this plugin, I am providing the program with image coordinates from a text file generated by our microscope software. Do you have any advice on how I can improve the stitching? I can provide more information if necessary.



Hi @Cameron_Herting and welcome to the forum!

Sorry that your post hasn’t been answered for quite a while. Are you still having the issue?

Are you using Plugins > Stitching > deprecated > 3D Stitching? If so, I’d recommend that you try Plugins > Stitching > Grid/Collection Stitching, as this is supposed to replace the other, deprecated, command.

Also, what parameters were you using for the stitching?

Lastly, you might also want to have a look at the new BigStitcher plugin to see if it works for you.