Immunohistochemical staining colors separation

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to analyse stained tissue images using scikit but I’m a bit struggling to separate brown (DAB stain) colors nicely. I thought an easy workaround would be using scikit’s RGB2HED color deconvolution but it does not seem to work as shown here: Immunohistochemical staining colors separation — skimage v0.19.0.dev0 docs

Using the exact same code (downloaded) I get these results, and I’m completely lost why they look like that… Does anyone know what the issue may be?

Additional link to my results Figure-1 — ImgBB

There was a bug fix between 0.18.0 and what you see in the docs — you’re linking to the development version docs. See here:

So your options are to install the development version, to wait for the fix to be released (1-2mo), or to copy the changes from that fix into your installed version. (Or just copy them to your working directory and use that, come to think of it!)

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