ImJoy would like to join as Community Partner



Dear team,

ImJoy is a plugin powered hybrid computing platform for deploying deep learning applications such as advanced image analysis tools. We released it under MIT license on Github and hosted as a web application on

With ImJoy, developer can deploy deep learning tools as ImJoy plugins which can directly run in the browser (e.g. this example ), or on local/remote host with powerful CPU/GPU ( e.g. Anet-Lite for segmentation , Noise2Self for denoising ). You can also run the plugin engine on a cloud server and control it with ImJoy in a browser. More details can be found in our docs.

While we are actively improving ImJoy, we think it’s a good time to share with more people in the imaging community.

We agree with the guidelines for joining as an partner and we advertised as the only channel for seeking support and discussion.

Please let me know what you think, thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


Hello @oeway and ImJoy -

I’d like to be the first to welcome you to our forum as an official Community Partner!!

Thank you so much for joining our community here - your project is a fantastic addition to the forum.

All we need from you at this point is

  1. your icon - to be shared on this thread. Then I can get you added to our list at the top of the page!

  2. an elected individual to join our Community Forum Team (read more on the FAQ page).

Then you’ll be all set!



Hey Eta,

I have posted the icons.

And I will join the Community Forum Team.

Excited to be part of!




I just added you to the Community Forum team! I will work on getting your icon and link above up today.

eta :slight_smile:


I’m afraid the CSS needs to be adjusted now: the Your Icon Here is now wrapping into the next line…


It was wrapping before this addition as well… There is another project being added soon - so this issue will only get worse so…

I am (along with @ctrueden) currently working on a dropdown menu for Community Partners - as was discussed in our Governance thread… so this issue will no longer be one - hopefully soon!

eta :slight_smile:


Hi @etarena and @ctrueden,
thanks, I am happy that we are finally joined!