ImgView allows nonzero min

Within the javadoc of Img it is stipulated that Imgs must have a zero minimum and a positive maximum.

However, this method in Imgs creates an Img with a non-zero offset by wrapping it using ImgView. Should this behavior of ImgView be legal? Or should ImgView be changed: either a) fail if the Interval is not Img-compatible i.e. zero min and positive max, throwing an IAE if this is not the case or b) forcibly reset the Interval bounds to min of zero?

@tpietzsch and others, do you have any preferences on addressing this discrepancy?

In my opinion it should just be legal to have non-zero min

To be clear, are you suggesting that just ImgViews should be allowed to have nonzero mins or that it should be legal for all Imgs?

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I think it should be legal for all Imgs

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