ImgLib2 Views.rotate unexpected behaviour

Hi all,

I’m rotating a 2x2 image with ImgLib2 by 90 degrees using Views.rotate. It results in an image with a different coordinate set than the original image. I would not have expected this.

Can someone explain to me what’s happening and how I can avoid it?

Img<IntType> img = new ArrayImgFactory<>(new IntType()).create(2, 2);

printCoordinates(Views.rotate(img, 1, 0));
private void printCoordinates(RandomAccessibleInterval<IntType> img) {
	Cursor<IntType> cursor = Views.iterable(img).localizingCursor();
	while(cursor.hasNext()) {;
		long[] pos = new long[cursor.numDimensions()];

Here is the result:

[0, 0]
[1, 0]
[0, 1]
[1, 1]
[0, -1]
[1, -1]
[0, 0]
[1, 0]

Thanks, Debo

@tpietzsch @axtimwalde

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It rotates around the origin. This is the only thing that makes sense when the input has no interval bounds. If it is an interval, you probably intuitively expect a rotation and a shift. If your input has minimum coordinate at zero as in your example, then Views.zeroMin(Views.rotate(...)) should give you what you expect.


Thanks for providing me with a solution, I always forget about Views.zeroMin.

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